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About McMedia

A boutique digital business support agency that brings years of experience in business support, social media marketing, web work, software straegy, and digital marketing.

Who We Work With

We work with busy business owners to make a clear plan to reach your business goals using digital marketing. We meet with you to understand your goals and develop a strategy for your business.

Why Us?

McMedia has been a prominent player in the digital marketing industry for over 14 years. During this time, our team has successfully led and managed projects across a diverse range of areas within the marketing landscape.


Our expertise extends to various industries, including non-profits, small business B2B, retail, city branding, startups, and tech companies. This breadth of experience uniquely positions us to focus on your business goals and deliver effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Agency Owner - Marketing Expert - Loves new challenges

About the Founder

Mailynne has been a digital marketing consultant for over 14 years. She has managed specialized teams that focused from branding to product launches and everything in between. 

Her clients have included business owners, non-profits, startups and more. 

What We Do


Your website is the front door to your company on the internet. It is also your home base for all other marketing channels. Your website can be an asset, pulling in leads and money, or a deteriment if not build correctly. Let us help plan and execute an effective website for your company.

Social Media Management

Social media has grown tremendously over the years. There are more platforms, features, and planning required for social media than ever before. We are social media experts, and you are business experts. Let us guide you through your social media strategy.

Email Marketing & Automation

Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of communication and digital marketing. We can set strategies and have email marketing and email automation be a core part of your business to reach both marketing and efficiency goals. Ask us how!

Virtual Assistance

Attention, growing entrepreneurs! McMedia Digital is here to empower you with the support you need to reach new heights. Our experienced Virtual Assistants are ready to take on the time-consuming and repetitive tasks, so you can invest your energy into what you truly love – driving your business forward.

Paid Ads & Lead Generation

Paid Media via Google and all Social Media channels can help you achieve your business goals. We have the experience to tell you:

1. Which channels you should advertise on.
2. A paid media strategy to reach your goals
3. A Budget for each ad campaign based on those goals.


Properly setting up your website for Google and other search engines to read it will can provide what we in the industry call “organic traffic.” This means by letting us pay attention to the content on your site, the way it is set up and your Google My Business listing, you can create “free” search traffic to your website.

Meet the Team

Meet the talented individuals who drive the company’s remarkable achievements!

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